January 2018

LIVE CONTROL by ELAVĀ® - Central element of Industry 4.0

Connected factory is becoming a reality in plastic film industry, thanks to ELAV® LIVE CONTROL.
Thanks the optimum connection of multiple machines, we do not only achieve higher transparency on the complete value chain but we provide a reliable way to companies and staff in optimizing the complete workflows, thus helping raising the production performances and productivity to higher levels.

Machine operators, maintenance staff, shift managers come across LIVE CONTROL in numerous process during their daily work, everyone with his own needs.
LIVE CONTROL provides to everyone, only the desired and most relevant data according to their real needs, to help them make the right decision at the right time; it also simplify the way to present production results to all personnel involved in the production chain, reducing any waste of time

The modular structure of LIVE CONTROL supports companies to get a complete control of the production processes from production order to the delivery of the final product to customers, tuning the solution to the real customer needs.


LIVE CONTROL is currently used with great results at our associated company B-PACK® producing multi-layer flexible barrier film on 4 COLINES® lines.
In this case the modules used for supervising the production are:
o ERP interface module
o Raw material module
o Energy management module
o Process parameter module
o Weight scale module (associated to each scale)
o Reporting module (to make automatic labels)

• ERP interface module
• Raw material module
• Energy management module
• Process parameter module
• Defect tracking module
• Production order module
• Maintenance module
• Overall equipment effectiveness module
• Reporting module

With software features that make doing the right thing the easiest thing to do, we enable you to improve quality compliance and reduce quality losses, while increasing product yields.
Get a global coverage of your shop floor and experience improved quality, efficiency, traceability, productivity and profitability.
All of this with LIVE CONTROL by ELAV®.