Colines S.p.A.
1. Electric equipment: replacement of: sheaths, damaged cables and all those components for which spare parts are not on sale any more
2. Complete disassembly of each machine up to the supporting framework
3. Sandblasted and varnished frames
4. Replacement of gaskets and bearings
5. Restoring of all coupling tolerances
6. New rubber-covering / chromium-plating of cylinders
7. Polishing of aluminium cylinders
8. Thermoregulated cylinders washed with acid
9. Check of all gaskets of the pneumatic and oil-pressure cylinder valves. When necessary replacement of gaskets
10. Refurbishment of the complete equipment on board the line (pneumatic, oil-pressure, electric)
11. Assembly of the machines, in-line installation, commissioning
12. General compressed air feeding
13. Pneumatic line connection
14. Manual working of the line pneumatic groups
15. Water system connections
16. Water system test
17. Oleodynamic system connections
18. Oleodynamic system test (with related electric equipment)
19. Connections between feeding panel and line electric cabinet
20. Connections between line electric cabinet and peripheral units (control boards, shunt boxes on board the machine, etc.)
21. Electric equipment test: check of the equipotential circuit, check of the insulation resistance; tension test.
22. Feeding tension of the electric equipment upstream the main switch.
23. Disconnection of user protection (fuses, auxiliary circuits, motor protections, etc)
24. Tension downstream the main switch (user feeding)
25. Activation of auxiliary circuit protection
26. Auxiliary circuit feeding
27. Connection of line a.c. motors
28. Calibration of line a.c. motor thermal protection
29. Rotation direction of the line a.c. motors
30. Calibrations of protections and a.c. motor inverter
31. Connections of line d.c. motors
32. Calibrations of protection and line d.c. motor converters
33. Rotation direction of the line d.c. motors
34. Calibration of load cell feeders
35. PLC inlets
36. PLC outlets
37. User activation (from controls of push-button panel on board the machine)
38. Line d.c. motor synchronisms
39. Changeover sequence: winder group / robot
40. Calibration of control instruments
41. Regulation electronic cards
42. General dry tests of line running
43. Connections of thermoregulations zones
44. Check of the thermocouples of the thermoregulation zones
45. Thermoregulator programming and zone heating test
46. Thermal blocks of the flat extrusion die
47. Connections of the auxiliary equipment
48. Functional check of the auxiliary equipment