LLine typology including several mono- and co-extruded in-line sections up to 9 layers each and a coating section up to 3 layers. The line is destined to high-tech products for medium (PA/PE) and high barrier applications in the food and textile packaging. It is possible to equip the line with in-line unwinders for the lamination of technical films and with one or more thickness gauges for the automatic adjustment of the extrusion dies profile

Production Features
  • High barrier film
  • Medium barrier film
Format Mother roll with in-line slitting
Core 3" - 6"
Indicative width (mm) Up to 4000 mm

CAST & COATING<sup>®</sup>


MANAGING easy-to-manage touch screen ; "Live" for production (opt.)
FEEDING multi-component dosing unit
PROCESSING extruders 50/60/80/100/120/140/160/180 - L/D 30 and L/D 34
FORMING up to 11 layers
COOLING main chill-roll and secondary cooling roll for cast section; chill-roll for coating section
MEASURING beta, inductive, x-ray for total thickness; IR or optical for barrier layer
RECYCLING direct refeeding ; regranulator (opt.)
TREATING one-side ; double side (opt.)
CHECKING surface inspection system with cameras
WINDING Jumbowind® / Combiwind®
UNWINDING semi/fully automatic unwinding stations


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