Colines satisfies the increasing demand of breathable film coming from the medical and textile markets with extrusion lines for baby diapers, incontinence products, sanitary napkins, panty liners, technical wear, sportswear. Breathable film finds its application also in the building industry as film for preventing condensation in house wooden roofing. The innovative stretching process, thanks to the MDO unit (single or double MDO unit up to 600%) creates micro porosity which enables air but not liquids to pass through the film. Thickness control before and after the stretching with automatic adjustment according to the set target is guaranteed by the two beta scan system sensors (same trace) which are standard features of the Aircast® lines. Further innovative features of this line are: Post-stretching embossing high performances Double throughput compared with blown lines Direct trims recovery with repelletizing Innovative system Fast AdJUST® (Elav) for the micrometric adjustment of the stretching parameters of the line Winder with multiple in-line slitting.

Production Features
  • Breathable film
  • Breathable embossed film
  • Embossed film
Format Mother roll with in-line slitting
Core 3" - 6"
Indicative width (mm) up to 2500 mm



MANAGING easy-to-manage touch screen ; "Live" for production (opt.)
FEEDING multi-component dosing unit
PROCESSING extruders 60/80/100/120/140/160 - L/D 30 and L/D 34
FORMING 1/3/5 layers
COOLING main chill-roll; secondary cooling roll
MEASURING double-scan system beta; x-ray
RECYCLING direct refeeding; regranulator (opt.)
STRETCHING single-stage MDO ; double-stage MDO (opt.)
TREATING one-side; double side (opt.)
EMBOSSING single post-embossing station
CHECKING surface inspection system with cameras
WINDING Combiwind® R
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