Complete cast film line for the production of both high-quality stretch film and CPP film, featuring the latest technological solutions in winding, with a web width of 1600 mm and more.

Production Features
  • CPP
  • Stretch Stretch Film
  • CPE
Format Mother roll with in-line slitting* (CPP) / automatic, jumbo (stretch)
Core 6" (CPP) / 3" (stretch)
Indicative width (mm) 1500 stretch/1600 CPP ; 2000 stretch/2100 CPP



MANAGING easy-to-manage touch screen ; "Live" for production (opt.)
FEEDING gravimetric hopper feeder ; multi-component dosing unit (opt.)
PROCESSING extruders 50/60/80/100/120/140/160 - L/D 30 and L/D 34
FORMING 3/5/7 layers ; nanolayer/multi-layer technology (opt.) ; air knife suction device
COOLING main chill-roll; secondary cooling roll (opt.)
MEASURING optical ; x-ray ; IR ; beta
RECYCLING direct refeeding Big Mouth® ;
TREATING one-side ; double side (opt.)
WINDING Combiwind® G


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