1973 COLINEX is established in Novara by Mario Zorloni and Francesco Lombardini, both coming from past experiences in the plastics field begun in 1966.
1973 First in-line air bubble production
1978 Opening of the new factory in Nibbia, the current headquarter
1980 First horizontal MDO unit for expanded polypropylene ribbons
1981 First 2000 mm air bubble line
1982 Development of the first 2-shaft automatic turret winder for air bubble film
1983 Foundation of GRUPPO COLINES® SRL
1983 First 6-layer coex air bubble line is manufactured
1985 Installation of the first 2500 mm air bubble line
1986 Presentation of the first 3-shaft automatic turret winder
1986 Foundation of ALTAPACK SpA
1987 COLINES® PP&P is established in Malnate (Varese)
1987 Shareholding in Air Pack SpA and AIRCALE in France
1988 Establishment of WELDING MACHINERY Srl
1989 First cast stretch film line equipped with winder for jumbo reels production, useful width 2000 mm
1991 Engineering and sale of the first 3-layer CPP line 3000 mm width
1993 First 5-layer BARRIERCAST® line sold in China
1993 Foundation of B-Pack SpA
1994 Foundation of IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI Srl
1994 Foundation of B-PACK® HOLDING
1994 COLINES® manufactures its first 3000 mm air bubble line
1994 First 5-layer cast extrusion line with 5 extruders for barrier film
1996 Foundation of B-PACK® DUE SpA in Venturina
1997 First vertical MDO unit in 2 steps
2000 Delivery of the first cast line for breathable film
2001 Launch of the first patented Bubble Guard® Board and Bubble Guard® Flex PP Air Bubble line
2002 First 10-layer coex air bubble film 3000 mm line in operation
2002 Development of the DITTERING® technique for the production of good quality barrier film
2004 First 7-layer BARRIERCAST® line for B-BACK® pA
2006 First 4500 mm 5-layer CPP line installed at B-PACK DUE SpA
2006 Start-up of the first HANDrollEX® cast stretch film line
2006 Launch of BIG MOUTH®recovery system for stretch film lines
2007 ELAV® becomes part of GRUPPO COLINES® HOLDING Srl
2008 Start-up of a first 500 mm pilot line for barrier film
2008 first Western company to supply a hi-tech cast line for breathable film in China
2008 First EASYCAST® CPP line
2009 First Air Bubble film line producing biodegradable material
2009 Development of very thin films (down to 8 microns) on the HANDrollEX® line
2010 B-PACK® DUE is sold to AMCOR (now AMCOR FLEXIBLES VENTURINA) and COLINES enters into an exclusive supply agreement with AMCOR USA-EUROPE
2010 First super-coex Air Bubble film line
2010 First HANDrollEX-Combi line
2010 First 50-layer JUMBOrollEX® cast stretch film line
2010 Presentation of MyCore® project, equipment for the production of light cores made in plastics
2011 New 7-layer BARRIEBLOWN® line installed at B-PACK®
2013 First 14 layers (7 + 7) coex air bubble line
2013 Launch of the first ALLrollEX® 1500 line for stretch film with ALLspeedy® winder (for manual, automatic and jumbo reels) covered by 7 patents
2013 COLINES® headquarter in Nibbia grows larger. Thanks to a buyout of an area equal to 7,000 sqm next to the production site, the overall surface raises now over 17,000 sqm
2014 First 3000 ALLrollEX® mm cast stretch film line with ALLspeedy® winder
2015 Acquisition of Torninova
2015 1st BUBBLE GUARD® Simplex line
2016 Foundation of COLINES® CORP. USA
2016 1st MDO unit with IR heating technology (patent pending)
2016 1st POLYCAST® line for high-thickness gloss effect
2016 1st POLYCAST® line with short annealing unit
2016 1st PREROLLEX® line for the production of pre-stretched film in-line
2017 1st POLYCAST® line with hi-tech MDO unit for MOPP film
2017 New POLYCAST® line with hi-tech MDO unit for MOPP and breathable film