Plast 2018 - ALLrollEX 1500: faster than ever!



Visit our booth A01 B02  in Hall 15 during the next PLAST 2018 exhibition in Milan from May 29 to June 1, 2018. You will be able to see in action several machines, including a faster than ever version of ALLrollEX®-1500 cast line, which can reach up to 1000 m/min speed. 


We are proud to announce that during the upcoming PLAST 2018, in our booth A01 B02 (Pav. 15) we will be able to show the latest improvements of our ALLrollEX® 1500 stretch cast-film line. Being the only complete line for stretch film on worldwide market was not enough for ALLrollEX® and thanks to a new higs speed pack, the latest version is also faster than ever, being able to achieve a max production speed of 1000 m/min.


Main features New AllrollEX® 1500 mm line:

- IR heating system for the melt pipes, for a further energy saving with respect to the traditional ceramic heaters (total consumption down to 0.4 kWh/kg)
- New extruder diam. 80 mm L/D 34 for achieving a total net output up to 1100 kg/h
- New “high speed pack” for achieving a max production speed of 1000 m/min with a 12 micron film at winder
- Winding formats:

  • 2” – 3”
  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Jumbo 


This line is also available with the following accessories:

- 5 extruders/7 layers configuration
- Edge folding system
- Pre-stretching unit
- Coreless technology

We look forward to receiving your kind visit at our booth,  where you will be able to see live demonstrations of the ALLrollEX®