November 2014

It's time for the new ALLrollEX®-3000 mm


November 10-21, 2014

It's time for the new ALLrollEX®-3000 mm



The new benchmark in cast stretch film line technology

Now it's time for COLINES® to introduce the new cast stretch film line:


ALLrollEX®-3000 mm



Gravimetric dosing system, 4 components each extruder.


No. 6 PERFORMEX® extruders with IR heaters and insulation for necks 7-layer USA feedblock and flat extrusion die.


Chill-roll unit with No. 2 cooled rollers with primary chill roll diam. 1400 mm allowing the production of super power stretch film at the highest speed and quality.


Our unique BIGMOUTH® cold refeeding system for the lowest energy consumption in the market (no regranulator, no side extruder, no scraptruder) and the best result with added value resins such as metallocene.


ALLSPEEDY® III winder (covered by 6 patents) to allow the production of manual, automatic and jumbo reels in a double turret winder in a single frame with no entrapped air and no tail, change cycle 15 seconds.


Fully automatic palletizing system to allow the positioning of the rolls produced on the pallet.


HMI supervisor with many features such as modem service teleservice, Fast Adjust® and easy key badge system to log in operators.


Max net production 2100 kg/h @ 20 micron and 1000 kg/h @ 10 micron.


Lowest energy consumption of the market due to our unique technology of the equipment.


ALLrollEX®-3000 mm will be on Demo Show on November 10-21, 2014 in our Novara factory.


Come to see the line running!