February 2016

ALLrollEX® next demo shows: save the dates!

Since the world première during last K2013 exhibition, more than 20 ALLrollEX® lines have been successfully installed at our customers’ factories in different countries all over the world, from South East Asia to South America, from Scandinavia to Africa.

Innovative technological solutions, superb execution and extremely efficient after-sale service offered by COLINES® were awarded by the worldwide success of our ALLrollEX® lines.
We are honored of this success.
For all the customers who did not have the chance yet to see our lines and check their performances, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to visit us during next demos of our lines scheduled for next two months :
Stretch film lines in operation:
- ALLrollEX®  1000mm wide 3 layer line from 22.02. till 26.02.2016
- ALLrollEX®  2000mm wide 7 layer line from 29.02. till 04.03.2016
- ALLrollEX®  1500mm wide 5 layer line from 14.03. till 18.03.2016
- ALLrollEX®  1500mm wide 5 layer line from 21.03. till 25.03.2016

ALLrollEX®  - choose the best, choose the original!

For booking your visit, please contact:
Mirella Mastrantonio
Marketing & Communication Assistant