May 2006

innovative PP air bubble film patented product

COLINES® can truly boast a consolidated and undisputed worldwide leadership in the manufacture of air bubble film. In 2006 the company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the extrusion lines for air bubble film made of Polyethylene, with more than 150 production lines sold to all the major air bubble film producers all over the world. During the years, the company has continued technological improvement of the process, as well as introducing many pioneering solutions, with the resultant improvement in the applied technology. As a direct result with the aid of research and development facilities and innovative sales methods, the company conceived, engineered and successfully commissioned in 2001 a range of lines to produce air bubble film which is 100 % made of PP. This product is identified with the registered name BUBBLE GUARD® FLEX. The most significant advantages offered by this product versus the conventional PE air bubble film can be summarized in: ? exceptionally higher strength (11 times stronger) ? saving of 30 % in weight, maintaining the same mechanical properties ? higher life due to the lower permeability to oxygen ? higher optical properties of the bubble ? possibility of in-line converting processes, such as lamination, cutting in different sizes or cutting and welding to produce finished envelopes (cutting and welding machines are manufactured by the associated company Welding Machinery) ? higher puncture resistance ? better machinability with resulting higher processing speed on converting machines The BUBBLE GUARD® FLEX represents a valuable choice whenever top levels of reliability, flexibility and performances in terms of machinery and product are required, ensuring cost-effective solutions. Beware of any extrusion line offered worldwide to produce PP air bubble film because this product and relevant extrusion process is patented and of exclusive property of COLINES®.