May 2008

Vietnam moves forward with Colines® extrusion line

The Vietnamese market chooses Colines® for the production of coextruded CPP film. The recent delivery of two lines of the series POLYCAST® for a production of over 8,000 tons/year each is a demonstration of the positive feeling of the market towards the Italian manufacturer, when it comes to high technology and benchmark performances. Thanks to the pre-marketing activity made possible by COLINES®‘s partner company, B-PACK DUE® (30,000 tons/year of CPP film), the Vietnamese market has been able to gradually test various cast PP film 5-layer structures before the arrival of the two lines. This typology of line permits a diversification and a sophistication of the packaging products still scarcely test-marketed in Vietnam. What makes this optimization possible is the first class technological equipment installed on both lines: 5-layer coextrusion unit with 100 % recovery of the material in no-scraps mode, CLOEREN die and feedblock, extruders with special screws for high homogenization, edge fasteners designed for high production speeds, and chill-roll with unmatched cooling power. With an average humidity level of 75% and peaks close to 80%, the immediate cooling of the film becomes extremely important. The air-blade with exclusive design manufactured by COLINES® further facilitates this process, besides guaranteeing a lower deposit of waxes on the surface of the chill roll, with the consequent benefit of halving the ordinary maintenance interventions. Furthermore, our training service has prepared our Customers’ technicians to work with the POLYCAST® lines with expertise and efficiency right from the first day. The know-how transferred cannot be quantified in economic terms, because the figures would be too high, but converters are perfectly aware of the cost of professional formation such as the operative training, the knowledge of resins in their grades and combinations (important in a sector where only PP is processed) the study of new products for specific markets. A new POLYCAST® extrusion line boasting a web width of 2800 mm will be soon ready for the East European market, further details are available in the micro-website or in in the cast film section