June 2008

Champagne caps in extrusion coating

Colines® recently took part together with the company Alcat, a society belonging to the Polytype group, to the realization of an extrusion coating line meant for the production of champagne caps. It is a project of remarkable success for a line producing with a max. mechanical speed of 250 m/min and with a max. production speed of 220 m/min; the band is 1.350 mm wide and the thickness of the extruded film is included between 10 and 80 g/m². The extruded raw materials are PE, PP, PEMDL, EAA, EMA, EVA, Ionomers, PEHD, linear PE. The extrusion structures could be B/A/B or A/A/B. The machine is equipped with: a main and a secondary automatic shafted unwinders (with possibility of supplying them in their shaftless version) for aluminium with automatic reel change in both directions and max. reel diameter of 800 mm; a coupling gear for extrusion with thickness checking system and corona treatment on both sides; of a centre-peripheral winder with max. diameter of the reel of 800 mm; of two extruders, one of 120 and the other of 80 with Cloeren extrusion die with automatic control of the lip. This line represents an additional proof of the Colines® experience as a supplier of equipments and complete lines for extrusion coating. More info on www.ALCAT-IT.COM