July 2008

Barrierblown goes Indian

We are performing in these hours the test run of an important 5-layers blown line for the Indian market. The line, type Barrierblown®, can produce both barrier film with EVOH and polyolefin based film for the manufacturing, for example, of stretch hood film. With a useful width of 2200 mm the line is equipped with 2 extruders, dia. 50, 1 extruder, dia. 50 and 1 extruder dia. 65. A remarkable attention was paid to the 2 winding stations back to back which allow gap, centre-peripheral and contact winding. The winding quality granted by the b/combiwind® represents at the moment one of the best solutions on the market, as they are directly developed starting from the systems used on the most complex cast lines with flat extrusion die. The two stations are completed by the shatfs loading systems through core store. The productivity with barrier film is of over 400 kg/h which become 500 kg/h for production with PE film (using anyway all 5 extruders). The planary thickness measurer, b-type, and the corona treatment grant that the manufactured film corresponds to the highest quality standards.