September 2008

Production starts in France with a Bubble Guard® Board line

A complete line for the production of Bubble Guard® Board is now in production at the factory of a customer in France. With this plant, equipped with 3 extruders, one of 130 mm, another one of 100 mm and a third of 80 mm, our customer produces Bubble Guard® Board sheets, 2100 mm wide, realized with patented technology, in Polypropilene, 100% recyclable and composed by 3 layers: a central thermoformed layer and 2 external compact layers which are completely flat and with different possibilities of finishing (for example matt for printing or with possibility of in-line lamination on both surfaces with: PP foam, PP coated fabric, PP coated aluminium, PP coated carpet, PP printed film, PP metallized, PP coated paper, Barrier film, Non-woven fabric). Its own advantages as concerns structure, surface, weight and handling make the BubbleGuard® Board sheet the perfect instrument for applications such as exhibition panels, promotional panels , boxes for luxury products (for example wine, clocks, shoes…) in addition to applications for generic packaging and for handling (logistic markets). In particular this innovative sheet finds its own application in collapsable and returnalbe boxes, considering 6 journeys a month and 5 years of life. The product offers structural advantages if compared to the products of the competitors. In fact thanks to the alveolar structure it grants a very high resistance to compression in both direction. For the reason it can be used to replace cardboard, wooden and iron boxes with relevant results. The range of the sheets’ thickness goes from 2 mm up to 17 mm.