October 2008

New Barrierblown® line now in production in Italy

It is already in production and can be seen in Open House at the facilities of our sister company B-Pack® spa the new Barrierblown® line, with a useful width of 1800 mm for the manufacturing of 5-layers barrier film. This plant represents the third generation of the Colines® blown film extrusion lines. The line, with a mechanical speed of 100 m/min, grants a net production of 400 kg/h and a thickness range from 25 to 200 micron. The plant is equipped with 5 extruders, 2 of them with dia. 80 mm, 1 with dia. 65 mm and 2 with dia. 50 mm, loss-in-weight / batch gravimetric dosing system with 13 components, "NON CONTACT" IBC device with 8 non-contact ultra-sonic sensor for the control of the frost line height, bubble diameter and stability and double lip air ring. The winding is realized by means of the patented winder B/Combiwind® which allows 3 winding modes: by contact, centre-peripherical and “gap”. The max. diameter of the reels is of 1000 mm. Finally the line is equipped with a revolutionary air thickness measuring system and combined with IR sensor for PA and EVOH profile measurement.