January 2009

BubbleGuard® Board: satisfying results in the exhibition and automotive branches

More and more and at the same time more surprising are the results obtained with the BubbleGuard® Board sheets as concerns application range and quality. The versatility of the product, its own characteristics, the wide range of processing and laminating possibilities makes of this sheet the best solution to fulfil the requests of the most disparate branches. A customer of our sister company Imballaggi Protettivi, which manufactures BubbleGuard® Board sheets, obtained excellent results by using BubbleGuard® Board sheets to realize exhibition booths. The product, light anyway resistant, available in several colours, demonstrated to replace perfectly wood in order to realize elegant solutions with a remarkable effect. The same, the BubbleGuard® Board sheets are widely used in the automotive field as they grant ductility, flexibility and a very good price/quality ratio. In this branch the applications are mainly the following two: packaging, with the realization of boxes for inside cars parts of small and medium dimensions and for trunk cover and anyway, more generally speaking, for the realization of cars interiors. In this case the sheet is laminated with non woven (which is the cheapest version) or with moquette.