July 2009

Open House: Breathable film line with in-line double monorienting unit


Colines offers a unique occasion in the world to see in function a line for the production of breathable film with in-line double monorienting unit (MDO). The characteristics of the line, which is able to produce breathable film in PE and in PP, are the following:

  • Useful width 2200 mm
  • Double MDO unit up to 600% (2 x 300%)
  • Post-stretching embossing
  • Thickness control before and after the stretching with automatic adjustment according to the set target
  • Direct trims’ recovery with repelletizing
  • Innovative system Fast AdJUST® (Elav) for the micrometric adjustments of the stretching  parameters of the line
  • Winder with multiple in-line cuttings


The open-house of the line will take place in the week 31, from July 27 to 31, 2009* 

The admission to the open house will be possible only upon pre-registration: should you be interested, we kindly as you to send an e-mail to the address: marketing@colines.it, k.a. Dr. Francesco Peccetti. 


* In case of unforeseen events, Colines reserves the right to postpone the open-house of the line.