February 2010

Colines launches the first HANDrollEX® Combi line

Colines®, with 40 years of tradition in the manufacturing of cast lines for stretch film and PP, takes another step forward and launches the first Handrollex® Combi line. At the basis of this line there is the Handrollex®, the best-seller in Colines thanks to the 30 specimen sold within 3 years and a half since its first introduction on the market.

The novelty and distinctive feature of the Handrollex® Combi is the possibility to produce with the same machine stretch film, the flexible packaging solution for excellence, and CPP exploiting the two separate winding stations:
- the Handspeedy® patented revolver winder of the Handrollex®, dedicated to stretch film reels for manual and automatic use with modules of 1000 mm;

- the Combiwind® winding unit dedicated to CPP reels This station can produce jumbo reels of stretch film with a diameter of 500 mm and a total width of 1000 mm (2 x 500 mm) and CPP film with a big diameter (up to 600 mm) and a total width up to 1500 mm. It gives the possibility of working in three different modes: contact, with gap (by positioning photocell) and in combined mode.

The die is equipped with internal deckles which allow to reduce the web from 1,5 meter of the CPP film to 1 meter of the classical Handrollex®.

The change cycles and the winding modalities are distinct in order to:

- guarantee quick roll changeover times to avoid unpleasant product ‘queues’

- avoid letting the air come in during the shaft change

- be more flexible (contemporaneous production of jumbo reels on one station and manual/automatic on the other one).

The first line of the series is currently in the final stages of manufacturing and is destined to a customer in a big developing area which is strategically very important as Central Europe.

In particular, the line purchased by the customer offers also the possibility of producing matt film for folders, it is equipped with two chill-rolls instead of one - which allows to reach thicknesses up to 150 micron for PP films - and they can be changed quickly in order to have different finishing.

The HANDrollEX® line is thus more and more flexible and is undergoing a constant change and continuous improvements.

Visitors can appreciate the latest innovations taking part to the next open house, from February 15 to 26 2010 in the facility in Azzate (Varese). Just to remember the main features and the latest innovations: net production up to 650 kg/h, production speed up to 600 mt/min, thickness optical control and die automatic adjustment for producing ultra-thin film up to 8 micron and a further new format (10 reels with a width of 100 mm each). Least but not last it is currently at an advanced stage of development an in-line pre-stretch film and the coreless winding.

Further information at www.colines-stretch.it.