May 2010

ColinesĀ® partners with Sabic to showcase innovative LLDPE & PP Combi extrusion line

During the last open house  from April 19 to 30 in Azzate, SABIC demonstrated its Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) stretch film portfolio and Polypropylene (PP) cast film portfolio at Colines’ latest, cost effective Handrollex-Combi extrusion line. The line can produce stretch film rolls for manual and automatic use, stretch film jumbo rolls, CPP rolls and CPP embossed rolls (both with a diameter of 600 mm) on the same machine. The two separate winding stations enable converters to change from one polymer to the other; minimizing material waste and energy usage and therefore maximizing bottom line profits. 

The research and trials on the Handrollex Combi lines have been carried out through close cooperation between Colines and SABIC. The processing of extremely low thicknesses (8 to 12 µm) and fine tuning of the cling behavior are two successful examples of the partnership between SABIC and Colines. In order to stay as front runners in the current market machine producers and raw material suppliers need to go beyond their boundaries; partnering with innovative partners at different positions in the value chain and sharing expertise of film machinery and raw materials. “The attention to quality, product consistency and focus on innovation make SABIC and Colines a natural match,” says Marketing and Communication Manager of Colines Francesco Peccetti. “The demonstration of the Handrollex-Combi will reflect the successful result of multi disciplinary partnership.” SABIC and Colines will also be cooperating closely at the upcoming K-2010 fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.
SABIC’s broad film portfolio is well established within the European film market. During the Colines’ open house SABIC is demonstrating the proven quality of the LLDPE stretch film grades SABIC® LLDPE 318BE (butene-based) and SABIC® LLDPE 6318BE (hexene-based). Both grades provide customers various pre-stretch levels of the film enabling applications such as hand wrap film, machine wrap and some of power stretch films. For PP cast film applications, SABIC is showcasing SABIC® PP 522L. This grade typically has a long proven track record in the market for lamination film, food packaging film and hygiene packaging film or stationary film.