June 2011

High-performance CPP lines technology at Colines

Some high-performance lines for CPP film are currently under manufacturing at Colines. We are talking about an EASYCAST® and two POLYCAST® lines.

EASYCAST® is a coextrusion cast line to produce 3-layer CPP film, it offers good performances with a productivity of over 450 kg/h and, being very compact, requires a limited space for installation.
It can be customized also for the production of jumbo rolls of stretch film and with the Handspeedy® winder it converts in the Handrollex®-Combi line for the joint production of CPP film and stretch film in jumbo, manual and automatic rolls.
The EASYCAST® line currently under manufacturing has a useful web width of 1250 mm and is destined to the production of metallized film and to food lamination in the Asian area.

The width doubles with the first of the two POLYCAST® , the series of coextrusion lines up to 5 layers, the most technologically advanced coextrusion line on the market for the production of CPP and CPE film up to 6 m, characterized by a high productivity and a very good quality of the extruded film.                                

The above mentioned line has a width of 2400 mm, is equipped with four extruders for a net production of 1200 kg/h and has been purchased by a Middle Eastern customer.

The second POLYCAST® will be 3000 mm wide, with an output of 1300 kg/h and will be in function at one of our Turkish customers at the beginning of 2012.

Thanks to the past long activity of direct production of CPP film, Colines® can boast a deep know-how on the various applications and market demand. This know-how can be transferred to the purchasers of the lines in order to facilitate the start of production.