September 2006

Preview on Barrierblown

Colines® Extrusion Lines installs yet another 5-layer blown-film line for the production of barrier films. In accordance with the user, this machine can be demonstrated to interested parties on previously convened appointment. As part of Gruppo Colines® Holding, Colines® Extrusion Lines manufactures blown film equipment for upmarket applications in 3, 5 and 7 layers with various levels of sophistication. Being the result of many decades of combined experiences, these machines are guaranteed to have high efficiency rates and yield excellent repeatability in certified film quality. Because of the synergy within the group through its plastics transforming companies, Colines® Extrusion Lines always has a finger on the pulse of the international market place and thus is able to design and manufacture what the machine buyer is looking for. Driven by the need to innovate for the sake of profitability and not so much for the sake of innovation itself, the Colines® name features on quite a few patents that make a difference in many areas of extrusion.