October 2006

Production of high-quality barrier film

Chemton, leader in South America for the production of plastic films, preferred Colines® as technological partner enter the world of the high quality barrier film production. The purchased machine is a seven layer extrusion line with useful width of 2100 mm of the Barriercast® series, fitted with the proprietary techniques Dittering® and Refesave®, as well as with the patented winding group Combiwind®, Cloeren feedblock and die and measuring unit from Electronic Systems. This line was exhibited at the Chemton factory with a dedicated open house on September 21. The excellent organization of the event has attracted a lot of customer and experts in the field, which had the opportunity of seeing the line in operation, representing the start-of-the-art in the barrier film production. With this new line the company Chemton has further strengthened and developed its leading market position.