November 2006

Welding Machinery for converting activities

Welding Machinery S.r.l. is small yet worldwide oriented company located in Gallarate (25 km far from Milan) that designs, manufactures and directly sells machinery for the air-bubble film, foam film and blown film converting sector. Constantly open to the synergic flow coming from the companies of GRUPPO COLINES HOLDING, which it belongs to, besides the constant improvement and innovation of its machinery, known and used all over the world, WELDING MACHINERY presents its production range and the upcoming new proposals. Among them, there are machines for converting Bubble Guard® Flex and the other innovative products created by Imballaggi Protettivi another company of the group; The production range includes: welding and/or cutting machines for converting air-bubble film and foam film; transversal pre-cutting equipment for converting air-bubble film, foam film or blown film; machinery for the production of bags for pallets (also with square bottom) using blown film with or without gusset; automatic packaging machinery for air-bubble film reels (or other types of film);machinery for the production of protective postal envelopes with PE or PP air-bubble film and PE-coated paper; machinery for the continuous and multiple production of air-bubble film mini-tubulars rewound up in single reels. The standard production widths of the machines are: 800 / 1000 / 1300 / 1600 / 2000 / 2500 mm. Among the future developments WELDING MACHINERY announces a machine for the production of protective postal envelopes ( Mailers ) entirely made of PP air-bubble film, which multiplies the strength in comparison with the standard PE-coated paper envelopes with PE air-bubble film, and favor the recycling of the used envelopes in accordance with the environmental protection. More info on