November 2006

The power of synergy®-La forza della sinergia

Our group of companies is very peculiar, boasting a unique structure embracing both machine manufacturing and film production facilities. As a result we can demonstrate our knowledge not only in the machine manufacture but also in the production processes. In fact, we are leading manufacturers of high-technology extrusion lines which are installed at the major producers all over the world, including the production facilities belonging to the group, which in a few years have gained a leading market position in Italy in the barrier and CPP film, as well as Bubble Guard® and Ondubol® products. As you can understand, our expertise is not merely limited to machinery 'hardware', but is also enlarged to include the film production, as a result of the exchange of information between the associated companies, thus permitting our products always to represent the state of the art. In addition, as a further significant and undisputable benefit for our customers, we are in a position to supply together with the extrusion lines also the know-how, the choice of raw materials, formulations, structures and applications, workforce training as well as the possibility of pre-marketing campaigns.