April 2015

COLINES invites you at PLAST 2015

 Taking advantage of the next PLAST 2015 exhibition taking place in Milan from 5 to 9 May 2015, COLINES® will present the innovative ALLrollEX® 2000 mm line, producing 5-layer stretch film up to 1400 kg/h directly at our stand A01/B02, Hall 15.
This line is equipped with 5 extruders and the ground-breaking ALLSPEEDY® winder, covered by 7 patents.
In addition, it will be possible to see IN OPERATION in our factory the complete range of the COLINES extrusion lines, as follows:
•ALLrollEX® 1000 mm for the production of stretch film (3 extruders 3 layers) for hand, machine and jumbo reels
•ALLrollEX® 1500 mm layers (4 extruders 5 layers) for hand, machine and jumbo reels
•BARRIERCAST® and BARRIERBLOWN® for the production of 5 and 7 layer barrier film for food and medical applications with cast and blown technology
•BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD 2200 mm (patented technology) for the production of alveolar polypropylene sheets in the car industry (interiors and packaging) as well as in the graphics, building and furniture industry
•POLYCAST® 2500 mm  for the production of cast polypropylene film (5 extruders 5 layers) equipped with the cutting-edge  winder FLEXIWIND® with independent rotary arms in final assembly stage.

Last but not least, it will be possible to make an arrangement to see in operation the following lines:  AIR BUBBLE® producing air bubble film; AIRCAST®, DIAPERCAST® and DIAPERBLOWN® to produce hygienic breathable and non-breathable film by the cast and blown technology.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity:
visit COLINES at our stand A01/B02, hall 15.