February 2016

Latest update on our ALLrollEX® 1500 line

After selling more than 50 HANDrollEX® 1000 lines, during the K 2013 show COLINES® presented as world première the 1500 mm wide stretch film line ALLrollEX® 1500, able to produce in-line all the three types of reels: hand, machine and jumbo.

Recently some different 1500 mm wide stretch film lines  are appearing on the market …but the solutions offered are a long way from reaching the performances and the technological level of our global success ALLrollEX® 1500, already sold in dozens and dozens of units!
Among our strong points:
-        BIGMOUTH® system for the inline recovery of trims of film even thinner than 12µm with a minimum power consumption, which makes systems with pelletizer, scraptruder, side extruder or similar extremely obsolete;
-        Heating system based on infrared heaters, allowing to save more than 20% of electrical energy;
-        Power consumption down to 0.38 kw/kg
-        Maximum extrusion throughput over 1300 kg/h, corresponding to a net production over 1000 kg/h
-        ALLSPEEDY® winder, covered by 5 patents, for the in-line production of hand, machine and jumbo reels on 2” and 3” cores, with change of the shafts from 2” to 3” taking up to 30 minutes only: a milestone in terms of winding quality and performances.
For years now we have been manufacturing extrusion lines in batches with extremely short delivery time, all tested in the presence of the buyers before the shipment.
One line is practically always available for tests with new customers.

Choose the best, go for the original!