October 2016

Great success at K show for COLINESĀ®!!!

COLINES® is proud to say that the current edition of the K show is representing a real "milestone" for its production.

Following the great growth of the last years, COLINES® decided to make a big effort and introduce 2 cast extrusion lines in operation, respectively the PRErollEX®-1000 and the AllrollEX 2000 line.

The first line, PRErollEX®-1000, is a real worldwide première, because it is the first line able to produce IN LINE the so-called pre-stretched film, 7 micron thick, at a speed over 1000 m/min!!

The line has been specially appreciated by all the visitors for its extreme quick start-up (less than 5 minutes from the threading-up to the effective production!) and for the quality of the reels, as well as for the very user-friendly supervisor.

The AllrollEX®-2000 line, latest development of the well-know ALLrollEX® series, produces a 12-micron Superpower film at very high speed (almost 700 m/min real with a single winder for automatic and jumbo reels, whereas with 2 winders the speed goes up to 1000 m/min) in machine reels with perfect shape and zero tail.

Also in this case, all the visitors have been highly impressed by the extreme simplicity of the line in all its parts, including the new layout that has been expressly designed to match the requirements in terms of small space occupied, easy access for maintenance and easy threading-up of the line.