January 2017

With ELAV process automation becomes user-friendly

In the manufacturing sector, an increase in profits stems from production optimization. In order to achieve this result, ELAV® developed dedicated solutions to get an accurate and real-time analysis of your production floor:
- “LIVE CONTROL - BLACK BOX”: a PLC based system for the collection of process parameters and for data export to any other third party software.
- "LIVE CONTROL – DATA ANALYSIS": expressly developed for plastic extrusion and cable manufacturing lines, is an advanced management software complete with graphic interface, allowing to collect, store and analyze all production data, complete with enhanced reporting capabilities.
All data collected from LIVE CONTROL can be shared with ERP / MRP to be further analyzed, so as to gain multiple advantages such as:
• Increased product traceability
• Increased product quality
• Optimization of the manufacturing process
• Reduction of the downtime of the line
• Increased efficiency of raw material management (waste and overstock reduction)
All versions of LIVE CONTROL can be installed on any kind of line, after having defined the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Should any of these parameters not be available (e.g. on obsolete lines), ELAV® can provide additional sensors directly interfaced with our systems.

Interface available with the following ERP systems:
• SAP – interface through SQL tables (DB mySQL – SQL Server), XML file or OPC Server
• Microsoft Navision - interface through SQL tables (DB mySQL – SQL Server) or XML file
• SAGE X3 - interface through SQL Table (DB mySQL – SQL Server) or XML file