December 2006

Barriercast® in central Europe

A plant of the series Barriercast® for the production of 5-layer barrier film is about to be delivered to the factory of an important customer in central Europe. The line, boasting a useful web width of 2100 mm, is equipped with the most recent and innovative technological solutions for the production of multilayer film, starting from the encapsulation system, Dittering® and Refesave® (proprietary systems developed by Colines®), as far as the patented winder of the series Combiwind®, designed for an optimum winding quality of barrier film. The components are first-rate too, with Cloeren-USA die and feedblock and thickness measuring system by Electronic Systems. Colines® stands out in the important sector of barrier film extrusion lines for know-how and technological innovation applied to more and more production processes.