November 2017

ALLrollEX cast stretch film lines available for test and demo show

Thanks to COLINES® production program on an ongoing basis, an ALLROLLEX®-1500 line is available for test and demo show for customers who would like to experience the most advanced stretch film line on the market.
The 3 UP ALLROLLEX® 1500 mm wide, 5 layers, is fully equipped with state-of-the-art components:
- Multi-component gravimetric dosing system
- CLOEREN automatic die and feedblock
- XL primary chill-roll Ø 1400 mm
- BIGMOUTH® in-line edge trim recovery system
- ALLSPEEDY® III (5 patents) automatic turret winder to run hand, machine and jumbo rolls

Designed for a maximum net output of over 1000 kg/h and down-gauging capability down to 6 micron, it is definitely the most appropriate choice if you are looking for a versatile and flexible cast stretch film line.

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