April 2018


COLINES® was ranked among the 50 Italian top performer companies by the financial analysts of ItalyPost
A new outstanding performance for COLINES®: the company led by Eraldo Peccetti has been named as one of the 500 Italian “Champions” companies and with an average CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 16,39%, more than double than the required 7%, was ranked among the best 50 considering the last three years performance. The “Champion” report was realized by ItalyPost, a highly-qualified team composed of skilled financial analysts coming from the ModeFinance rating agency. By analyzing all the 14.632 Italian companies with a turnover between 20 and 120 millions, ItalyPost aimed at highlighting those 500 who performed above average in the years 2010-2016. COLINES® satisfied all the requirements set by ItalyPost, scoring a great performance also with the ROE, EBITDA and PFN.
We are proud for what we achieved – stated Eraldo Peccetti, co-founder and CEO of COLINES® – and we are thankful to all those people, including our customers and suppliers, who gave a strong contribution to this result. We confidently look forward to the reach of new, ambitious targets”.