January 2007

Pagev – SPF 2006

Colines® took part as speaker to the conference Pagev 2006 in Istanbul - Turkey, at the end of November 2006. Theme of the report was an accurate presentation of the results we got in the production of barrier films with Colines® 5 and 7 layers Barriercast® lines. With more than 10 lines of the Barriercast® series working all over the world, Colines® allowed to many companies to make their production of barrier film highly profitable. In fact, thanks to the owner systems DITTERING® e REFESAVE® a reduction of the scraps up to values close to 5% is possible. Please remark also our presence with a table-top at the conference SPF 2006 in Düsseldorf on last October 2006. Pagev Conference website