January 2007

Production flexibility

Unicast® is the series of Colines® cast extrusion lines which allows to produce with the same line both stretch film and CPP of high quality. The possibility of diversifying the production campaigns makes of this plant the ideal line for all the small and medium companies which need to cover various markets but which have limited budgets at their disposal. The Colines® quality standards include also for this kind of line modern technological solutions with different sophistication levels such as: automatic dies, gravimetric dosing systems, ß, X or infrared thickness measuring units, fully automatic winding stations with gap, contact and axial mode, with automatic load of the shafts. The extruders with screws of new thread form grant a perfect homogeneity of the materials together with a high productivity. The cooling section of the film allows furthermore such a precise control of the temperature in order that films with very good mechanical and optical characteristics can be obtained. The Colines® system for trim recovery Refesave®, allows moreover to reprocess in line the edge trims of the polyolefin materials, polyethylene and polypropylene, with the max. efficiency in both cases. The Unicast® series was born thanks to a study of the Colines® internal market, which showed the economy of this line particularly in the quick development countries. In this regard no.2 2100 mm lines of the Unicast® series, are in construction at Colines® Novara Factory, both meant for the European market.