February 2007

Latest technology in Germany

Colines® is proud to announce the addition of yet another success to its sales tally. It regards once more a 5-layer Barriercast® extrusion line, but with a higher than usual reference value in view of the fact that it concerns an installation in Germany. As a matter of fact, at the time of writing the machine is in its final assembly phase at the customers site. The buyer, after ample consideration of all the possible options the market presented, decided for the Colines® supply. Much more than the mere supply of a machine, the customer takes delivery of a concept based on not only the many decades of engineering experience of Colines® , but also because of the vast hands-on processing experience of the Colines® sister company B-Pack®. The latter produces a wide variety of cast and blown barrier films for food and medical applications and therefore can and will assist in reaching the highest possible product quality at the most favourable costing structure almost from the onset of commercial production on a newly installed machine. Practice has shown that it can take a lot of months of trial and error before a complicated production machine like a 5-layer barrier cast line, with the many intricate resin formulations involved, starts to earn some payback. The Colines® concept virtually guarantees a very smooth and rapid transition from the commissioning to the revenue earning phase. This particular Barriercast® line features the latest technological developments, such as Cloeren feed block and Superflex die, Electronic Systems mono-scan thickness measurement and control system, Dittering® and Refesave® proprietary scrap reduction technology, Combiwind® contact/gap winder, MeRo corona treater and the like. Particularly Colines®, as only manufacturer in the world, ensuring the maximum cost-effectiveness of the process by reducing the scraps of the trims edge even to values close to 3-5% of the gross product. Colines® SpA is a noted manufacturer of extrusion lines for the production of cast PP films, cast barrier films, cast stretch films, PE and PP air bubble films, alveolar 100%PP Bubble Guard® Board sheets, coating, blown barrier and GP films and magnetic refrigerator gaskets.