March 2006

Anhui open house on BarriercastĀ® line

ANHUI, a big Chinese company producing plastic film, organized a two-days’ open house on the occasion of the close event CHINAPLAS 2005. The open house was dedicated to the introduction of their new 7-layer BARRIERCAST® 7 extrusion line 2200 mm wide, manufactured by the Italian company COLINES®. The visitors were more than a hundred, with an audience composed both of journalists and people from the sector, thanks to the efficient organization and the cooperation between the Italian and the Chinese company. COLINES® was chosen as a partner for its expertise in multilayer film extrusion, as well as for the special attention they have always been dedicating to the Chinese market. Mr. Marco Bonetti, area manager of COLINES® attended this event, whose red tape was cut by the president of the company ANHUI. The BARRIERCAST® line by COLINES®, boasting a state-of-the-art technology, will be used to produce film for food and medical packaging.