March 2007

Unicast® line tested

The run test of a 2100 mm Unicast® line for the Hungarian market is just went to end. The trial saw the line in production with several different types of raw materials for the manufacturing of stretch and CPP film. The production data are 1100 kg/h for stretch film, 23 micron and 780 kg/h for the PP 38 micron cast film. Versatility is one of the more attributable characteristics of the Unicast® series which, thanks to the technological innovations on the extrusion screws, on the trimmed edges recovery and on the winder, allows to manage your own production in a widely flexible way. Among the line’s equipment the Refesave® system stands out, allowing to recover 100% of the trimmed edges, both if they are of PP or PE, reprocessing them directly in line and avoiding the regranulation process, which often causes a quality loss of the film. The fully automatic winder, with gap, contact and axial winding modes, is made up by the core racks where both the cart for the 3” cores (stretch) and for the 6” cores (CPP) are placed. The robot unit positions the mandrels automatically for the continuous winding, for the cores’ insertion and for their extraction at every reel change. The gravimetric dosing system by Doteco, the electronic thickness measurer by Electronic Systems and the corona treatment by Mero complete the first range equipment of the line. The production passage between stretch and CPP film is automatic thanks to the intuitive line management system developed by the partner company Elav. The implicit advantage of being present in two different fields with only one production line allows to react to the moments of flexion or of request by the market. Unicast® is the right answer for this situations thanks to the production capacity, to the very good quality of the processed film and to the extruding speed in both production; these characteristics are necessary to be competitive on these markets. The customer declared to be satisfied of the results of the test and to be enthusiastic of the cooperative spirit of Colines® staff. Another line of the Unicast® series, similar to the above mentioned, will be tested within the end of next month.