April 2007

Latest developments in the barrier cast 7-layer

On 27, 28 and 29 March, in the wonderful location of the Maritime Hotel in Köln, the Multilayer Barrier Film 2007 conference took place, thanks to the organisation of Applied Market Information (AMI plastics). A numerous audience attended this event, during which many companies have presented their own technology. Among the speakers there were also our area managers Natale Ferioli for Colines® Spa and Marcello Zorloni for B-Pack® Spa, leading company in Italy for the manufacturing of cast barrier film and blown film up to 7 layers. Colines®, whose cast lines are the core business of the production range, was the only extrusion lines manufacturer to focus its presentation on this technology and on the developments linked to it. The profit maximization in the production of 7-layer barrier film was the main theme of the report, by explaining how it is possible on the Colines® lines and through the Dittering® e Refesave® systems to reduce the percentage of the scrap edge trims down to values close to 3-5% of the gross product. More and more frequently the discussion turns towards structures with 9 layers or more, whose merchandise is linked to products meant for market niches. We have to consider anyway that the main part of the volumes of barrier film is absorbed by 5/7-layer structures. Colines® puts at disposal its own experience developed with the partner company B-Pack® to offer not only technologically advanced lines but also the know-how for the production of barrier film with high marketability, both in terms of added value as well as of marketing of the product itself.