May 2007

Extrusion Coating line

A complete line for extrusion coating, 1600 mm wide of useful band, is going to be finished at ColinesĀ® Novara factory. The line, which will be dedicated to the production if high technical film for a well-known leader company in this field, is characterized by a monoextrusion hot part with gravimetric dosing unit with 6 components, by a double unwinding section with double cart and a turret winding station for 1200 mm diam. reels. The lamination/coating unit advantages itself of a chill-roll with a precise control of the temperature and of a pre-heating unit with diathermic oil of the film to coat. ColinesĀ® has significant experience in the realization of the extrusion zone as concerns the extrusion coating lines. Over 10 projects have been concluded in the last years through a cooperation with leader companies in this field.