July 2007

Compact Layout for 5-layers Barriercast® line

As already focused in several other occasions, an important discriminator for the installation of extrusion line is the available space, as not only the place for the line itself has to be considered but also its competent logistics. An important Russian customer requested a special study for the installation at its factories of a 5-layer Barriercast® line whose run test is taking place in these days at Colines® Novara factory. The already compact layout of the line was further modificated, allowing to spare ca. 4 m lenght. The line produces a 5-layers coextruded barrier film by means of one main 120 mm extruder, 2 60 mm extruders and a further couple of 50 mm extruders. The useful width is of 2100 mm, one of the best measure to cover the most part of the bands required by the market. The most commonly processed raw materials for this kind of line are: EVOH (for which a special extrusion screw is dedicated), PA, PS, PP, PE, TL'S and among the main application there will be the package with hot lamination for the meat market (PS/TL/EVOH/TL/PE) The correct stratification of the raw materials is provided by the feedblock with variable geometry and the Cloeren Superflex die with EDS of 450 mm. The Dittering® system, developed by COLINES®, optimizes the encapsulation by means of a side slipping of the thermal blocks inside the die, allowing a remarkable spare as concerns scraps thanks to the very limited necessary mechanical side slip. The line is equipped also with the Refesave® system for the side edge trimming recovery with polioliefinic base (PP or PE), which are directly reprocessable in line without regranulation. The system is particularly appreciated in the medical and food film packaging field as regranulation often causes a degradation of the optical qualities of the manufactured film. The dosing system is a complete equipment by Doteco, the thickness measuring system is on the other hand supplied by Electronic Systems and Mero is the supplier for the corona treatment. Elav, partner company of Gruppo Colines® Holding, provided for the electronic devices and for the software for the line’s management, the production data and the diagnostic unit. The Russian customer wanted to extend the cooperation with Colines® also to other projects and additionally to the recent delivery of a Handrollex 1000 line, a Polyblown® 1800 line as well as a Bubble Guard® 2000 line will be soon delivered. Colines® was the customer’s choice as a recognised market leader as concerns the barrier lines. See dedicated website barriercast.com