January 2015

Demo Show of 2 POLYCAST® lines for CPP film

Location: Novara factory
Dates: January 26th/ February 13th 2015
At the end of January we will have a POLYCAST® 2800 mm line on Demo Show.
- 3-layer cast polypropylene film line
- Useful web width: 2800 mm
- Up to 1300 kg/h output
Starting from February 10th it comes the time for a POLYCAST® 2200 mm line.
- 5-layer cast polypropylene film line
- Useful web width: 2200 mm
- Up to 1000 kg/h output
Both lines are equipped with JUMBOWIND®, the most reliable turret winder boasting the greatest performances for the production of CPP film and with ELAV Electronic Package which gives several chances to improve the control of your line as much as your business.
The average energy consumption is very low, being limited to 0,38÷0,45 kW/kg.

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