March 14, 2016

Second-hand cast stretch film line, 2000 mm

Status: Sold
Services: None

Cast film line for stretch film production useful width 2000mm - 3 layer
Paper cores: 2" and  3",
Production of hand rolls and machine rolls (in500mm and 450mm width)
Extruders : 75/30 - 160/30 - 75/30 with ABB a.c. motors
Automatic die by Cloeren - USA
Thickness control IR by NDC – USA
Gravimetric dosing system continuous type 3 x 3 x 3 by Innoplast Germany
Output  : 23mic 1000kg/h  ; 12mic 550kg/h

Year of production 2006

The line is in production and could be seen in operation upon request.
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