The availability of COLINES® technical team for on-site repairs and the remote assistance guarantee our non-stop cooperation in product maintenance, 365 days a year, round-the-clock. A laboratory equipped with advanced instruments and a pilot production line are constantly in function.

Mechanical, electronic and process assistance

COLINES® supplies to customers a comprehensive after-sales assistance service, by providing mechanical, electronic and process technicians for immediate support.

Remote assistance

The remote assistance service is supplied by COLINES®and ELAV® via modem or teleservice and videoservice; TELESERVICE is an Internet-based remote assistance interface. It allows us to assist you from our factory and reach each component on the line. This is the most efficient "quick problem solving tools" inasmuch as we can "see" your line exactly as if we’d be "on-site"
The service requires an internet line under a static IP public address and it is free of charge along the guarantee period.
TELESERVICE can be implemented by " VIDEO SERVICE ".
VIDEO SERVICE consist of an hand WI-FI camera that shows at our technicians the details of your line as to allow us assist your technicians in real time exactly as to be "on site".
The LIVE Control remote checking software module can be installed on all extrusion lines and ensures a constant monitoring of all your machine data.

Colines® and Elav® local service centers

COLINES® established an on site after-sale service in Belgium, India, Indonesia, Poland, South America, Thailand, Turkey and USA reconfirming a non-stop assistance to customers.
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