The lines are completely revamped and restored to the original production conditions after passing severe control and upgrade tests to the single components, in particular:

- Automatic replacement of all those components for which spare parts are not available any more.
- Complete disassembly of each machine component up to the supporting framework.
- 48 Efficiency controls

November 2017Second-hand air bubble line 2500 mmAvailableNone
March 2016Second-hand cast stretch film line, 2000 mmSoldNone
October 2015Second-hand cast stretch film line, 1500 mmSoldRefurbished
October 2015Second-hand cast stretch film line, 1500 mmSoldRefurbished
August 2015Second-hand CPP film line, 2500 mmSoldRefurbished
June 2015Second-hand cast stretch film line, 1000 mmNot AvailableNone
October 2014Second-hand 3-layer cast film line, 1500 mmSoldNone
September 2014Second-hand 5-layer barrier and CPP film lineSoldNone
June 2014Second-hand 5-layer barrier film line availableSoldRefurbished
March 2014Second-hand 5-layer CPP film line, type CFC/250SoldNone
July 2013Second hand 3 layer stretch film lineSoldNone
January 2012Second-hand stretch film line, HANDrollEX®-1000SoldNone
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