May 20, 2008 Israeli company has doubled production volume

One of the biggest Israeli producers of flexible packaging has just finished the installation in its plant of the second Colines® off-line air-bubble film equipment. The formation of the bubble does not take place through the extrusion of raw material pellets, but rather through the heating of a flat film wound-up in reels which is introduced in the thermoforming cylinder and shapes the bubble. Particularly interesting the technical choices the client decided to adopt on the above mentioned line, in particular the winder with two-way winding (internal/external bubble with reels up to 1200 mm diameter), completely automatic and equipped with automatic ejection of the reel. Furthermore motorized double unwinders for third  layer lamination in continuous and the system for the cutting and recovery of edge trims. The client decided to add  this second line to the first Colines® one to expand the production of highly technological air-bubble film.


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