February 18, 2009 Diapercast® line for embossed film now in test-run

The test-run of our line DIAPERCAST® for the manufacturing of cast embossed film for hygienic and diapers field is taking place in these days. It is a line of highest technology, the quickest available on the market as it reaches a production speed of 400 m/min. The line has a useful width of 2000 mm and grants a net production of 960 kg/h considering a film thickness of 20µ. The line is equipped with 3 extruder, automatic extrusion die as well as 5 layer feed-block Cloeren, gravimetric dosing system with 18 components, 6 for each extruder, thickness measurer, single face corona treatment and winder for reels dia. 600 mm. The line allows to realize 20 in-line cuttings for the production of 19 finished reels. The added value of this line lays in the cooling system on the rubber coated pressure roller which is realized with a dry technology and not a water bath one, avoiding in this way the problem standing out from this last technology. The line will be presented in Open House on February 24 and 25 at our facilities in Novara in order to allow to anybody is interested to appreciate the characteristics of this innovative plant. For any further details please do not hesitate to contact us.
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