September 1, 2021 Go for "E-LIVE" and keep your business under control



With almost ten years of first-hand experience, thanks to the research and development carried out by our automation company ELAV®, today COLINES’ E-LIVE Control® is globally recognized as one of the best MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software for extrusion lines.


A straightforward system, which can be equipped on any extrusion line (provided by COLINES® or other suppliers), offering different degree of product and process traceability and analysis. E-LIVE Control® allows also an high-level quality analysis as well as process optimization, providing in real time a complete view of the progress of orders, the physical state of the resources and materials used.


Our software has an entry-level version which can be enhanced with specific packages – says ELAV’ CEO, Giorgio Manfredi – and we are ready to discuss on a case by case basis, how to meet the ever-demanding needs of our customers. The most interesting feature is that any data can be gathered remotely at anytime: so, right from your desk at your finger tips, you can have all of your business under control. All the data can be exported or shared with ERP / MRP for further analysis”.


Thanks to E-LIVE Control®, we are able to reduce the downtime while increasing the productivity of our lines – says COLINES’ Executive President, Eraldo Peccetti –. This system ensures full control of the production process, from the management of raw materials, which means reducing waste and eliminating overstock, to the product quality-control. Traceability is the key to get the best product-quality and process-efficiency, which means the best productivity and highest profitability”.


E-LIVE Control® is available for any extrusion line, including retrofits for existing ones. If you want to deepen any aspect of the software or discuss about it directly with our engineers, please click HERE or e-mail to get in touch with us.


Anthony Michael Caprioli

CEO & Commercial Director


Gabriele Peccetti

Marketing and Communication Director

Sales Area Manager