April 14, 2009 Successful test run for the Diapercast® line

At the beginning of April our revolutionary Diapercast® line for the manufacturing of embossed film was delivered to the customer after a highly satisfying test run. This line represents a true innovation in this field and not only for the remarkable production speed it is able to reach (up to 400 m/min), the only line on the market to grant such performances. Such a production speed is the result of a R&D path which allowed our technical dept. to find a solution for the problems connected with the cooling of the film at high production speed and to realize 20 in-line cuttings for the production of 19 finished reels. First born of the new generation of the lines for the production of breathable and embossed film, the Diapercast® line will be followed in a short time by a breathable film line, once more highly performing.
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