September 21, 2009 The Iranian market chooses ColinesĀ®

The Iranian market chooses Colines® for the production of coextruded CPP film after the recent purchase of a line of the series POLYCAST® useful width 2500 mm. The extrusion group is composed by one 130 mm extruder, one 90 mm and one 65 mm extruders and it grants a high productivity in terms of kg/h with a high quality of extruded film. This is due to several manufacturing particulars among which the extrusion screws with a new profile and the high cooling capacity on the double chill-roll. The adjustment of the thickness and of the profile are completely automatic, as well as the management of recipes and work conditions for each single recipe. The human intervention is reduced to the minimum terms to grant the repeatability of the quality of the film.

The Jumbowinder® turret winder completes the equipment of the line, granting excellent CPP winding quality.

Another interesting feature of the Polycast® line is the flexibility in changing the web width reducing the scraps thanks to the in-line recovery system without repelletizing.

The Polycast® line is suitable for numerous applications: CPP for bags for the textile industry, lamination for food packaging, of aluminium trays for pet food, of sterilizable medical pouches and for packaging of dry products, fresh products and candies

The customer is "PLASTIC MACHINE ALVAN CO. (PMA CO.), one of the biggest manufacturers of Cast Poly Propylene and Blowing Poly Ethylene film in Iran. PMA Co. is also a well-known producer of 3 and 5 layer wrappers by means of Dry lamination and Extrusion coating."

The negotiation has been supervised by Colines® representative in Iran, Sadid Azfar.

The line is scheduled to be delivered at the beginning of 2010

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