December 17, 2009 New Colines® line at B-Pack Due®

Film thickness and quality being equal, the production speed of the industrial lines by the Italian manufacturer Colines® is 40% to 90% higher than the competitors’ equipments and reliability is excellent. The greatest gap is above all in the lines with the highest useful width (around 4 mt and over), which are even more profitable in terms of investment cost/performance ratio.

The reasons lie in proprietary technical/technological solutions that cannot be disclosed, enhanced in the last few years also thanks to the verticalization process implemented through the relation with B-Pack® Due based in Venturina (Livorno).

And just at B-Pack Due® SpA a new CPP line of the series Polycast® made by the manufacturer Colines® Spa based in Novara is currently being commissioned.

The line has been equipped with the most updated technical solutions with the aim of optimizing the production performances, increasing the quality of the film and keeping the energy consumptions and the other production costs down.

The useful width is 2800 mm, the maximum production speed with technical films is 400 m/min and over and this represents a real record in the field.

Encouraged by the success of the new films brought out on the market for applications with a high technological content, the Tuscan company goes on in the development of its programme which plans for further strong investments within the next biennium.


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