December 17, 2009 Effectiveness of the Post-Sale Service of ColinesĀ®

 Colines® intervened in November on a line sold in 2003 to one of the  most important converters and film producers in the world, headquartered in India, with offices in EAU, North America and a presence on the market in 80 Countries.

The Polycast® line  was originally projected to have a production speed of 220 m/min at a mechanical speed of 250 m/min.  The line, since its commissioning, received an ordinary maintenance which was barely enough if compared to what suggested by the manufacturer. Anyway, thanks to a few targeted interventions carried out by the technical team of Colines® - led by  Eng. Nicola Lombardini, the engineer in charge of the post-sale technical assistance – the line has been not only restored to the original production conditions but it has been even possible to increase the speed up to 300 m/min.

Among the main improvements:

1)     general check of the line and replacement of the worn parts

2)     upgrade of the cooling unit and of the positioning of the chill-roll

3)     upgrade of the refeeding management

Besides what above, Colines® technicians have instructed the personnel and fine-tuned standard formulations for CPP in a thickness range from 20 to 25 µ for food lamination, which represent widely used products for the local market.

Today, following the intervention of Colines®, the line not only functions as new but it offers better solutions than those granted at the time of commissioning.

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